This blog will showcase my 365 work. My goal for 2011 is to take one picture a day, to capture our life in 2011. I have found, since starting my photography business, that I take less and less photos of my family. This project is a way to push me to capture my life and my family, and not just my clients. You can view my professional photography work here and on my blog

Day 52/365

This is Emma and her BFF, Makayla, who happens to be my BFF's daughter :) Our girls are not quite 3 years apart, and I love that they love each other. My best friend and I have been friends for almost 22 years! So, it's really special to us that our girls get along so well. Makayla came over today and I asked if they wanted to do a photo shoot. My strobe lighting is in for repairs, so I had to use the speedlite, but we went with it any way. They went upstairs, grabbed all the clothes they could find, put on some makeup, grabbed shoes and purses, and pretended like they were in a pageant. I have so many pics from today...and so many fabulous outfits :) We had a great day!

Day 51/365

You know how I said yesterday that Emma has quite the knack for sorting things? Well, she also does it with shoes. She has always been this way. She definitely has some OCD tendencies, and can't stand for some things to be out of order. I went in to the kitchen tonight and saw this. She had taken our shoes, and organized them by size, and lined them up in a perfect row. Now, why can't she keep her playroom clean and organized???? :)

Day 50/365

Emma has been working on counting money at school. At home, she was pulling out all of the coins from her piggy bank, and sorting them. She put some in her coin purse and was showing me. Notice how they are all arranged by size. She has always been a sorter. She has one piggy bank for coins, and one for dollar bills, and she won't combine the two!

Day 49/365

My step-son is 13, and even though there are 7 years between them, they really do love each other. Emma just adores Jacen, and can't wait for him to come over. This is typically where she is when he first gets here.

Day 48/365

Ahhh...today we had a tiny taste of spring in February. It was 62 degrees outside when we got home from school. So, we headed outside for a walk. I was trying to take pictures of her while holding the neurotic dog on her leash! We didn't stay out for very long because, although the temp was pretty warm, the wind was very cold! It was nice to get outside though. It has been such a long winter. We can't wait for spring!

Day 47/365

Two of my favorite things about my girl are her love of art, and her love of animals. She brought this picture home from school that she had painted in art class, and I just fell in love. I loved how she drew this penguin (especially the bows in her hair!) She says that when she grows up she wants to be a vet, or own a zoo. I totally see her doing one of those!

Day 46/365

I went to go wash Emma's hair the other day while she was taking a shower. I opened the shower door and found this. I was dying laughing. I was not expecting to see her in swimming goggles. Love her!

Day 45/365

We dropped Heidi off at the groomer today at Petsmart, and stopped to see the cats they had up for adoption. Emma fell in love with this little guy. He was about a year old, and just as sweet as can be. I had cats before Shawn & I married, and every once in a while I still miss having one. If he wasn't allergic, I think Emma would have gotten a kitty today. He was the sweetest thing.

(taken with my camera phone)

Day 44/365

We finally finished Emma's valentines for school tomorrow. I really dislike the store bought valentines, so we made our own this year. We made little heart flowers made out of suckers. I think they turned out so cute! Emma was complaining that her hand was tired from all that writing though :)

Day 43/365

This is how I left my girl as I headed to work. I love that she loves to color. I loved coloring as a little girl, too. Emma sometimes sits and colors for HOURS.

Day 42/365

Our dog, Heidi, turned 3 on Monday. Although, a few days late, Emma wanted to write a note for Heidi on her Birthday. So, she dictated, I wrote it out, and she taped it to her cage. So sweet!

Day 41/365

Such a sleepy girl. She was so worn out by 7pm tonight that I thought she was going to fall asleep in the chair! Needless to say, she had an early bedtime tonight.

Day 40/365

Emma got her green belt! YAY! So proud of my girl. Tonight was the Taekwondo award ceremony, where she was given her green belt from her testing on Saturday.

Day 39/365

Emma got a fishing rod for her birthday last year. Today, she pulled out this hat, and wanted to have a picture taken with her fishing rod. She's all ready to go...if spring would just get here!

Day 36/365

Emma has been in Taekwondo for a couple of years now. She started out in their Little Dragons program when she was 4. She's been in the Juniors program since she was 6. She is now a green belt. She was testing for her green belt here. Taekwondo has been great for her self confidence. The teachers there are wonderful. We love it!
(Takenwith my P&S by my hubby)

Day 34/365

I came home from a shoot and found these waiting for me. Hubby and Emma had stopped and picked up flowers for me on the way home. I love those two!
(Taken with my camera phone)