This blog will showcase my 365 work. My goal for 2011 is to take one picture a day, to capture our life in 2011. I have found, since starting my photography business, that I take less and less photos of my family. This project is a way to push me to capture my life and my family, and not just my clients. You can view my professional photography work here and on my blog

Day 52/365

This is Emma and her BFF, Makayla, who happens to be my BFF's daughter :) Our girls are not quite 3 years apart, and I love that they love each other. My best friend and I have been friends for almost 22 years! So, it's really special to us that our girls get along so well. Makayla came over today and I asked if they wanted to do a photo shoot. My strobe lighting is in for repairs, so I had to use the speedlite, but we went with it any way. They went upstairs, grabbed all the clothes they could find, put on some makeup, grabbed shoes and purses, and pretended like they were in a pageant. I have so many pics from today...and so many fabulous outfits :) We had a great day!


KAREN said...

sounds like the ultimate girl's day! how wonderful that they are so close!

Laurie said...

Sounds dreamy to have such willing subjects!

Catherine said...

What a lovely capture! They will treasure this I'm sure!

grandmabish said...

What cute little friends...and way to rock the speedlight! This is awesome.

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