This blog will showcase my 365 work. My goal for 2011 is to take one picture a day, to capture our life in 2011. I have found, since starting my photography business, that I take less and less photos of my family. This project is a way to push me to capture my life and my family, and not just my clients. You can view my professional photography work here and on my blog

Day 50/365

Emma has been working on counting money at school. At home, she was pulling out all of the coins from her piggy bank, and sorting them. She put some in her coin purse and was showing me. Notice how they are all arranged by size. She has always been a sorter. She has one piggy bank for coins, and one for dollar bills, and she won't combine the two!


Tracy said...

Love this photo as well! Such a neat idea and I like how you captured it! Love the colors as well!

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